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  • Family

  • scores: 7983 votes

  • Release Date: 2019

  • USA

  • tomatometers: 7,8 of 10 Star

  • Actor: Beyoncé, Seth Rogen


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The lion king free hd stream. The Lion King Free stream. The Lion King Free streaming. This films worse feature is having no personality the orginal animated feature had so much more characterful moments in it that made it so unique and special this movie however just recreates iconic scenes and nothing else, john olivas performance as zazu stood out as being awful he was easily the worse actor in the film and james earl jones phoned it in which was a shame.
there are some people saying that this film should be judge on it"s own and not compare it to the animated feature and while i half argee with judging it on it"s on i do however feel like comparing them is more then fair this film is a shot for shot remake and that"s it i honestly feel stupid for seeing this movie if your only seeing it to laugh at how bad it is don"t bother because you will be so bored and frustrated you might end up walking out just watch the 1994 animated lion king.

The Lion King Free. The lion king 1 free stream. I see many criticising the movie, because it didn"t seem like the original, while others claim that it looked so much like the original and that"s why they didn"t like it. Point is, no second part nor remake will ever match the original, not just in the case of this movie, but also in any other. To me it"s really important that the key moments should have been there and yes, they were, which marked the movie. Everyone did a great job, I laughed, I cried, then I laughed again and the end cried yet again. It gave me incredible emotions and so many things were on point. Might get a bit of hate here of what I am about to say, but the thing is that no matter how much they tried to focus on Nala as Beyonce, she still couldn"t top Glover"s Simba.

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